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Anna Kokotaki

Operations Coordinator

Anna Kokotaki studied Medical Laboratories Technology at Athens University of Applied Sciences. She has finished her internship at the “Korgialenio-Benakio Hospital of Athens”. She has worked on a project named ‘Viruses of the flu’ which was graded ‘excellent’. She has also attended postgraduate seminars on the fields of health. In 2006 she worked at ARGO S.A. as a personal assistant. In 2008 she worked at Biomed S.A. on the domain of the customer service. Since 2008 she is Logistic Manager of Customer Service at Genekor. In 2016 she has been promoted on Operations department as Operations Coordinator.


Client Service Team

Antonia Lianou
Vaso Tasiopoulou
Nikolaos Valantasis
Sylvia Karamargiou
Elena Pange

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