Our Team



Andreea Truican

International Market Access & Business Development

Andreea Truican has a degree in Finance, is studying Biochemistry and has also two Master’s degrees in International Business and Quality Management.

As the General Manager, Andreea Truican is leading the Romanian branch of GeneKor MSA, Genekor Biotechnology, while being the Director of International Market Access & Business Development of Genekor Medical SA Group. With her International Business and Economics background and extensive experience in sales and marketing, she has successfully developed strategies for introducing international companies into several markets in the biotechnology sector. She’s one of the promoters in Romania of personalized medicine and has succeeded in bringing it from the bench to the clinic.

She brought the personalized medicine
 services of Genekor Group and of the American company Genomic Health Inc in the hands of patients and physicians by facilitating patient access to genetic (BRCA) and genomic testing (OncotypeDX BC), though the application of reimbursement strategies, at local or national level.

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