Com.Pl.i.t DX Liquid is specially designed to detect and monitor gene alterations associated with targeted treatments and will allow you and your physician to select the optimal treatment for your diagnosis based on the biology of your tumor on a non-invasive single blood draw.

  • A small amount of blood is drawn from the patient like in a routine blood test
  • Isolation of tumor DNA and RNA detected in the blood stream known as circulating cell-free DNA and RNA

  • Able to detect mutations in very low percentages (<1%)
  • Cutting edge Next Generation Sequencing is utilized
  • Each genetic position is read more than 10,000 times by the NGS machine
  • Intelligent software is used for data analysis and transformation of raw data into actionable information

Com.Pl.i.t DX Liquid is designed for patients with any type of solid tumors and has become a reality in cancer treatment.