prime DX Liquid

For the first time in Oncology!

Molecular Profiling of the tumor using liquid biopsy

prime DX Liquid

The new prime DX Liquid assay is also a 1021- Gene panel that analyzes the immunotherapy biomarkers TMB, MSI and HLA. It enables physicians to plan an efficient treatment for the patient, including immunotherapy, chemotherapy, PARP inhibitors and clinical trial participation compatibility.



prime DX Liquid, analyzes genes involved in the genetic predisposition to cancer, also, giving information to the physician about the probability of a hereditary cancer syndrome.

Recommened for the following cases:

  • When there is not enough tissue or recent biopsy
  • When the quality of the tissue is poor
  • When there is a metastatic and multifocal disease
  • After treatment to check patient’s response
  • When the patient relapses and there is a need to analyze the molecular profile with no biopsy available

To view the gene panel please select here.

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